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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
Most religions seem to have something to say about that

That is part of the reason for doing it. As you are now aware parts of Australia outside Victoria can be a bit detrimental to your health if you get stuck.

So I want to know the signs and solutions is it happens. I also want to know how it happens so I can avoid it.
because of the interwebs I knew pretty much, in theory, how to deal with it.

I now know how many times the battery will start the bike (30+) without a recharge.

I have also short cycled, started and shut down the bike twice since the hard start and it hasn't missed a beat. The only difference being the battery is now completely charged,

And if I think back on the days of carburetors, I'm not complaining. Really. No more sticky slides, rotating venturis, pump circuits not working, linkages unbolting themselves mid corner...bla bla bla..

I know, all operator error.

They still sell DCOE Webers you know.
Quite the enigma, this condition is. Just as you did, I tried all sorts of ways to induce the hard-start problem on my bike and was 'unsuccessful.' The only time I had any sort of issue was when my GPS drained the battery overnight to the point that the engine barely turned over. Then, and only then, did I experience the pop, sputter and reluctance to start. I gave'er a jump and she fired-off at WFO with a gurgle or two. I've had no issues when the battery is reasonably charged, but am not claiming battery charge state as the cause of other owners' occasional woes either.

I'm definitely not discounting what others are experiencing- just that my SA spec scoot doesn't seem to have the problem. From my experience, a Yahama of any shape or form (with a gasoline engine) seems to generally be more finicky about starting. We have Yammie ATV's at work that are a pain to start from time to time.. Same with the snow mobiles. Honda ATV's experience this type of problem very rarely by comparison. Just my observation.

I'm also reluctant to fault anybody for using an improper starting procedure when the wonders of modern technology should be taking care of this already. I owned one of the first fuel injected, production Japanese bikes (CBR1100XX). You couldn't phase that bike no matter how long (or short) you let it run or what you exposed it to. That was in 1999, so there really isn't an excuse for the issues we are seeing today.

That said, I'm comfortable with the work-around if I ever encounter what some of you are experiencing. It's not a show-stopper for me because this bike does so many things so well.
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