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If a few more people second, third and fourth this date and we really pin it down, I will get in touch with Phil and let him know we are coming. Leslie normally asks if there is anything special we want to eat and I can recommend her BBQ. It is not like that vinegary North Carolina stuff. It's good! I'm open to suggestions, though.

Phil starts taking reservations for cabins March 1st but I think he actually opens the campground later.

Asheville has several good breweries (the French Broad 13 Rebels is my favorite and you guys seemed to agree last time) but I don't have any way to get a keg there. I drive a Yaris and my GS has more storage space. Volunteers?

Also, I'm not very good at the door prize stuff (you guys know how shy I am). So if someone kind of local like me wants to look into that it would be great.

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