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Originally Posted by redleger View Post
Everyone says my DR is not meant to be ridden like a trail bike, or jumped, or meant to handle and corner well going fast in a harsh trail environment.

I have been looking at buying an actual trail bike. I found a 2005 DRZ 250 but I have read a few reviews, and no matter how much I stare at it, It seems to look like my DR, minus the lights and mirrors.

My question is, is the DRZ a better bike for handling in the trails, single track and sandy pits, or is it basically going to be like riding my DR?
From what I gather, the DRZ is only a little lighter (maybe 10lbs) and the motor is significantly less torquey. So I'd actually assume it wouldn't even be as good as your DR.....(not that the DRZ is a bad bike or anything).

Other than weight, I find the DR excellent off road. Simple suspension mods and especially tuning the suspension to your riding style and weight make a world of difference. Motor is amazing.....its just heavy.

If you truly want a trail bike I can say from experience the WR250 Yamaha is a joy to ride off road. Requires more maintenance than the DR, and is in no way suitable for even short road rides, but for pure trail riding its amazing. I also have a little bit of riding on a KTM 450 off road - that was too much for my skill level (but FUN!).
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