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Originally Posted by zouch View Post
while i can understand replacing something that's not working as well as you'd like, i have to question the shops that are giving you a story like that considering that 3x(5-6-7-8-9-10) has been working well in places that have elevation changes in the multiple thousands of feet for decades already... could it be they just don't have the experience setting the stuff up properly?

or,.. i don't suppose either of those shops sell the 1x10 setup, hmm?
Neither of these shops are pushing the SRAM 1x11 setup. Most people these days seem to be running a 2x10. Local racers seem to favor a 1x10. My 3x10 always suffered from cross-chaining, but never as badly as it does when climbing very steep hills. Many times I found myself on the trail fiddling with the barrel adjusters to try and fix it, but it never goes away completely, and the fix is at best a temporary one. Another problem with my Superfly 100 is that it simply refuses to switch into the smallest gear in back when I'm out there riding it. It will when the bike is up on a stand, but not when it's being ridden. One of the techs tells me that it has to do with how the cable is routed, which causes it to go slack when the rear suspension is compressed. I'll be glad to see all this, and other more minor problems go away once the 1x11 system is installed.
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