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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
If I lived in Florida, right now, I wouldn't need a new drivetrain to get me out of bed. I'd be out there with "Aurelius", as he's got great weather and even better trails.
Damned straight! 75F today and through the weekend. Can't wait to do all the red trails at Santos again.

Besides, someone's gotta' buy the new stuff that I can't. And, I'm curious how it works out.
I've already got people lining up to test ride my bike once it has the XX1 system installed, including a couple of racers. Apparently mine will be the first bike in the area to have it. The local Trek and Niner dealer has asked me if I'd be willing to lend it to them for an evaluation. Right, it's not like I'm going to be riding it or anything.
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