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Originally Posted by heirhead View Post
Who are you Columbo?
Its only 10:00 pm here and I am taking the carb off again. Shimming and jetting. I know piece of cake, right. Love to tinker in the garage, no shop, just garage, but with something I can hit with a hammer or weld. Little jets, washers, needles, YUCK!
Did they put the air box in the air and build everything around it? Don't know how you put up with that thing RuggedExposure? I don't own a gun but I do live very close to a Harbor and that thing would be swimming with the fishes a long time ago!
I can hear that Husky, can you? Come and get me, Come and get me, COME AND GET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is actually the easiest bike I have worked on it a while. Compared to my '98 KTM 620 or '03 TTR250, this thing is a breeze. Even with the Acerbis tank on, I can have the carb off in just over 2 minutes without removing any body panels.

When I bought it in sept I stripped it down to pretty much the frame and motor in a few hours, painted everything, and reassembled it the next morning: The NM Dirt Bike

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There is a kill switch in the wring I sent your way also. Swap everything, or swap one item at a time.
Everything will be swapped one at a time so I can be certain what the culprit is.
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