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Finding Fuel while Navigating a Route

One nice thing that the 350 does is allow you to get fuel without losing the route you are following. You can be going along just following your route and then search for gas. If you select a gas station from the list and say to go there, the unit will ask you if you want to add it to your current route or create a new route just to the gas station. If you add it, then it takes you to the gas station and then puts you back on your existing route. I used this feature on a backroads ride in the Catskills last fall and it worked really well.

I just fired up the Montana and tried to figure out if I could do the same thing on it. My Montana skill/knowledge is still very low, so it might be there, but I sure as heck could not find it. Perhaps one of the Montana gurus can chime in, if I am in error. But, it seemed that on the Montana, I had to stop navigating the original route, navigate to a gas station, and then (I am assuming, sue me ) start the original route again, perhaps having to pick which waypoint to start at? Not sure.

Anyway, I tend to plan my route to be backroads that avoid cities, so I typically need to get off my route to get gas, so this one particular feature, is very useful to me, and is perhaps one small way that the 350 is more useful than the Montana. YMMV.
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