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Originally Posted by higworld View Post
Even though we had a WTF moment before it ever hit the garage, the old girl is now chilling out in a 25 degree garage. (Side stand switch --- amazing what a soldering iron and some heat shrink tubing will do).

I know it's not the "Kawasaki Way", but I do need to polish her up. She's been away from a bath and a detail for awhile. And of course, the farkling needs to begin in earnest.

I took a short spin just now. It's quite a different ride from the GS. Or any other bike I've had, for that matter. Really dives left/right on slow speed turns. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but it's not an easy bike to handle when creeping. :-/

Now ... to keep from going back out to the garage and tinkering ... :-)
HEHEHEHEH... there are a couple foibles (sp?) with the Concours in general, but they all are easily fixed.... stand switch (and clutch lever switch) interlocks CAN be defeated easily when they occur.... ask Guy to send you a picture of the "Jumper Plug" for the sidestand. but the WD-40 squirt has always worked for my Conni's...
Biggest issue I dealt with as a Past Tech Editor with COG ( as was Guy also) was the propensity for water condensation in the tank, when stored half full, and the consquences that had on the low speed carb circuits that control below 3000 rpm rideability. Keep the tank filled with fresh gas. and ride it a lot....makes them run great.
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