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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
Ice on the inside of the helmet is a ride stopper.
I found this to be the limiting factor to winter riding too. It's all well and good saying to man up and open the visor, but heavy snow in your eyes at 70mph results in visibility is as bad as a frozen visor. I have taken to carrying a pair of ski goggles with me, when I go out expecting it to get really cold.

Yes, they robs you of peripheral vision.
Yes, they aren't designed for motorcycling.
Yes, they aren't going to protect you from a stone in the face as well as MX goggles can.
Yes, they are illegal in some places as they don't meet the requirements of the "eye protection" standards.
Yes, they are colder than riding with your visor closed

Nevertheless, they are preferable (IE safer) than riding in heavy snow without any visor, they are relatively cheap and their intended application means they deal with snow on the lense and extremely cold temperatures far better than anything designed for motorcycling does.

I would recommend wearing a balaclava under your helmet if going down this route, even if your helmet (with the visor shut) is warm enough for you not to warrant one. Once the visor is up on the highway, it gets very, very cold, particularly on the thin/sensitive skin of your cheeks, just under your eyes.
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