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Hello guys, Current 1996 DR 350SE Rider here and I love this bike. My first dirt bike in over 15 years. Was out of the riding biz for so long because I joined the Army, and finally decided after second deployment life is too short and bought my mistress(The bike)

I have a question. I have been spending more time off the road than on, finding that I love dirt and speed and occassionally a little air when I hit things just right. Everyone says my DR is not meant to be ridden like a trail bike, or jumped, or meant to handle and corner well going fast in a harsh trail environment.

I have been looking at buying an actual trail bike. I found a 2005 DRZ 250 but I have read a few reviews, and no matter how much I stare at it, It seems to look like my DR, minus the lights and mirrors.

My question is, is the DRZ a better bike for handling in the trails, single track and sandy pits, or is it basically going to be like riding my DR? If it is basically the same thing, then I might as well hold out for a different brand of trail bike, thought I was hoping to be a Suzuki rider.

Any input from people who have been doing this alot longer than me would be very much appreciated.
I've had a few bikes since my first in"68, and no one bike that I've found will do it all. All the DS bikes are some amount of compromise. The DR350 is about as close as I could find to fit my needs for a DS bike. The problem with a lot of models is the transmission gear ratios. Most don't have a low enough 1st gear to do the nasty, rocky, pick your way through, slow stuff, and then a high enough top gear to run 65mph on the road, with out spinning the motor to much. The 3 best I've found are DR650, DR350 and Husky TE610. The KLX300 is a fun little bike with a lot of torque, really light, great suspension and rides a lot like the DR350, close ratio trans that tops out about 50mph. Geared mine up as far as I could and did the Continental Divide Ride and most of the Trans America Trail on it. Tried the KLX450 but it is almost uncontrolable in the rock gardens and rocky, tight, jeep trails, and does not have a DS usuable trans. The DRZ has the same trans problem, although If spinning the motor on the hwy doesn't bother you, they work ok. Thought about the WR250R and other FI bikes, but after a lot of research, I decided I didn't want to spend the $1000+ for power commanders and lap top software to get the air fuel mapping to work. Not that you can't figure that stuff out, it's just not that hard to jet a carb. And I've never had a carb screw up enough, that I couldn't fix it, and leave me stranded. If that FI screws up on you, you're walking.
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