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Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
Dave, I have to say that I'm even more in awe now of your 5 day pass through the Proto than I was then......grinding 10K xp/day is about as much time as I can make. I can't imagine grinding 30-40K per day.
I was *cough* unemployed, lol.

And dedicated since that tier 9 sale was starting in something like 4 days.

I also had a clan mate or two who were grinding tier 8's, so that helped (a little - sometimes having a platoon slows the grind down), and the Proto eventually had the biggest gun, so I'm guessing that helped me to keep earning big XP for each battle. Premium is a must, of course, and some use of Gold rounds when facing tier 10's is as well.

It was a fun challenge (actually, it was sort of grueling) that I hope to never have to do again

I think it's incredible that you remembered that I wrote about it at all, lol. That's kinda cool.
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