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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Two questions for you motor home zealots:

1. Internet aces. I'm thinking about picking up a small Class B for ski bumming and dirt bike riding in the states. I would like Internet in the evenings but will be dry camping most times away from any wifi. Sooooooo how is internet accessed from a motorhome (with no cell phone contracts)? Is it possible to do without yearly contracts as I'm planning on being in the motorhome for 3-4 months per year?

Technically the sat Internet people usually won't allow you to have a sat Internet setup with an RV because they claim the things are tough to aim and there are legal requirements. When I need to go to sat Internet I plan to go with these people - . After online testing they will certify you as being a qualified installer, which strikes me as being a sane approach.

I say "usually". There are some early two way sat setups out there but they are bloody expensive.

Before you go that route however you might double check that there is no cellular service. I work in the remote parts of the southern Texas desert and have often been 40 miles from the closest US store and 10 miles from the border. Even there you can usually get a cell signal if you know the tricks. Basically everyone has a Wilson cell booster (I have a directional 115 volt one for an office mounted on top of a collapsible mast) and out here AT&T is the only game in town.

Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
2. I would like to carry my dirt bike on the rear bumper. Has anybody seen any ideas how to carry one on the bumper but protected from the elements?

Thanks in advance.

There are several lifts and carriers out there of various qualities. A tarp is about the best solution that I have ever seen for keeping the dirt off.

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