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Originally Posted by janeuner View Post
IMHO, SU-100 is the high point in the USSR TD line. It's well worth garage space. Get the 100mm gun asap, and do not upgrade to the 122mm.
I haven't played them all, so I've only seen the 704 in action... but I used to think the very same until I mistakenly went into a few battles with the 122mm that I took off, then put back on and forgot about. Now I'm not sure if either is 'better,' but I've been doing just fine with the 122. The 100mm snipes better, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by MN_Smurf View Post
It's kinda been my inspiration to grind out the T32......if I'm lucky, I'll be done with it and have the M103 unlocked this time next week (2 week total grind).
That's still pretty respectable! With a full-camo crew and a camo net (perhaps binocs as well) I got by sorta fine with the 120 mm Gun T122 gun on the M103, by sniping from big distances, until I ground up to the 120 mm Gun M58. It wasn't perfect, and I would have won more with the big gun from the get-go, but it didn't seem to be at an all-out loss for dealing damage to enemies.
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