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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
With a full-camo crew and a camo net (perhaps binocs as well) I got by sorta fine with the 120 mm Gun T122 gun on the M103, by sniping from big distances, until I ground up to the 120 mm Gun M58. It wasn't perfect, and I would have won more with the big gun from the get-go, but it didn't seem to be at an all-out loss for dealing damage to enemies.
I plan to free xp the T122 before I play the tank, then grind the rest. I'd have to reset my skills to get camo on the crew....not going to do that unless 1/2 price skill resets pop up soon. That crew is right at 80% on their second secondary, so I'd need to spend gold to do a reset. The points hit is just too big to do it any other way.

Unless I switched my spare TD crew over to it......
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