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Originally Posted by tremor38 View Post
I'm also reluctant to fault anybody for using an improper starting procedure when the wonders of modern technology should be taking care of this already. I owned one of the first fuel injected, production Japanese bikes (CBR1100XX). You couldn't phase that bike no matter how long (or short) you let it run or what you exposed it to. That was in 1999, so there really isn't an excuse for the issues we are seeing today.
While I agree that the technology should be bullet-proof, it is not fair to compare today's FI systems (in the USA) with those before mid-2005. From 1998 to 2005, emissions regulations allowed for open-loop fuel injection systems. As tighter regulations were applied in 2006, systems were required to add lambda sensors and function in closed-loop mode during starting and cold running (warm-up periods), before switching to open-loop mode. The closed-loop mode is where 90% of the problems seem to be coming from. Ducati, for instance, had a wonderful open-loop system on the ST2 and ST4/ST4s and the first ST3 ('05) through mid-2005. Beginning in 2006, the ST3/ST3s had a closed-loop system that was full of issues. To my knowledge, all of the fuel injected CBR-1100XX Blackbirds (1999-2003 in the USA) were open-loop FI.

Has anyone identified the closed-loop sensor(s) on the S-10? Are they still lambda sensor(s)? Can they be adjusted for those with this hard starting problem? If the control systems aren't too different, reading about the Ducati solutions in 2006/2007 might actually be educational.
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