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a. I haven't posted here for a while
b. dakar is finished
c. I have a new (2nd hand) ktm 640 adv
d. have time while away with family,
here is my current idea involving 30mm thick HDPE plate link (Green) to the existing frame mount. There is a lot of avaliable adjustment (khaki side plates) and since I don't have to worry about all the parts needed for a dakar or equivalent so with the use of HDPE that is easy to mod and design in the shed and I believe would be able to be cut and trimed with a router, hence heres an idea.

Since from what I have found HDPE is about 3 times lighter per volume than alloy the overall weight would change that much. As per the attached videos a few pages back the material is pretty strong so I figure ~ 30mm would be up to what I need. The lights are advmonster ones (as thats what I have already) running a dimmer for low beam. Hopefully I wouldn't have any legal issues as in don't get pinged for it, if so the design will change. The orange part is to mount the existing ktm speedo/tacho which already has the inc/dec odo which is fine for what I want. Hopefully I'll be able to create some roadbooks using the new program that is being developed (pretty close from the info on the thread) and then go out and get lost!!!!!!

Oh, and for the fairing hopefully within not to much time I'll be able to get hold of a copy of the mk2 JVO centre piece hence the light/mount design. I quite like there design as it allows easily for a clear screen which solves some of the issues I figure with buffeting as I can run the screen higher without losing vision which was an issue with my last one on my old DL.
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