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Originally Posted by Crocodile Tears View Post
So for work I need a different multimeter. I have a Fluke 365 that was provided for me. However, it does not have enough resolution to be useful - some of our older equipment using DC drives needs tuning down to the mVDC (at least hundreths VDC) while the 365 only goes down to tenths. Its a great meter otherwise, and the detachable clamp makes it great for compact panels.

Anyone have any suggestions for a different meter? I used Fluke 177s at my last job, and it would be fine in this application but then A) I would need to carry another clamp meter probably and B) damn they are spendy. Anyone have experience with other equipment? Initially I was provided some form of Extech meter and the thing would constantly read 6-10 volts higher than any other meter so I ditched it ASAP. I dont recall model though.
Fluke 87.
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