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Fiberglass over foam questions

question for RC home builders. I am in the process of making a RC ground effect boat. Using styrofoam and epoxy. I was going to cover it with fiberglass or other fabric. What is a good type/ weight of cloth to use. The model is about 1/4 scale. It will be powered by a weedeater type motor. its 5 ft. wide and will be about 5-6ft long nose to tail. I built sail boats and small speed boats with foam and fiberglass before, but i just used what ever stuff i had lying around left over from a real boat project, so i know they where pretty heavy for a rc craft. I want to keep this " boat" as light as possable but also dont want to spend to much money as its a experiment and may not work.

Another question for the plane guys, the wing area is about 1450 sqr inches. I will be using a stock 35 cc weed eater motor with a pusher prop. I think a 16" three blade will work. They seem cheap enough so i was going to try a few differnt pitch and dia. Can any body recomend a starting point for props size.

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