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Originally Posted by DOGSROOT View Post
I'd be careful w/ that assumption.

164 countries use RHT, and 76 LHT, which is 33.6%

In addition,by POP, it's is 33.9% that are LHT.

Not exactly insignificant, especially in terms of market share.

Here ya go:

Looks like plenty of red land to me.

Seems like a minor enough concern in terms of land mass. As I said before, it is important enough to argue against simple round headlights. However, it is not something every rider needs to deal with. If you're plotting a red/blue trip, you know who you are and what you're getting in to (or should).

Originally Posted by View Post
Dunno what you guys are arguing about headlights and side of the road to drive on. Back to the OP comment, I'm a gen Y (b 1990) never bought a new motorcycle but that's because their too darn expensive (relatively) considering I picked up all the bikes in my sig for maybe 2000. I think the cheapest honda is about 4k, rebel or some 250. I have friends who ride but wrenching is different. Two are mechanically inept beyond checking tire pressure. One is decent and is considering buying new. We all use it as our primary transportation. One was bike less for a while and though working full time didn't want to go for financing. I think it's more of a motivational thing, they wait for things to be convent rather then going out and doing even if their alone.
Just because motorbikes used to be so unreliable they turned riders into mechanics doesn't mean those that have no interest in wrenching when they don't have to are somehow lesser people. There is only so much time in the day, and like many, I only wrench myself when I have financial constraints, otherwise it is well worth it to have it done for me while I read. Modern bikes can be as reliable as modern cars, and that's great.
--Semantics are everything.
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