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Originally Posted by DDT Rider View Post
Hi Adam
Thanks for weighing in on the thread and clarifying the versions.

I think the crux of the question that has yet to be answered yet is in regards to the Rowe announcement (allegedly, for I have not read it myself) that some version (?) is or will be user programable in the near future with the release of the appropriate PC software, or that is the rumor.

Perhaps you have some insight on this...?
The PDM60 that you have right now is programmable. If you had the $200 programming goodie and the software you could program it yourself.

What is on the horizon is a special USB cable that has the hardware programming interface built into the cable. That cable, along with Windoze software that is a bit friendlier than what the dealers have today, will permit programming of existing and forthcoming version2 PDM60's. The PDM60's aren't changing - just the cable availability.
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