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Originally Posted by DSM8 View Post
Ok here are a few:

How did it install.
How does it work.
Do you notice any difference.
Can you provide some pictures of the install.
The installation is super easy. Plug and play for the electrical side of it. The one way valve to install inline is very easy as well. The only trick is the removal of the one way valve in the fuel pump itself. But if you go slow, in a few minutes it's out.
Total install time, I would say 30 min taking your time if your pump is out of the tank. You don't even have to take the tank off, just drop the skidplate and loosen up the tank.

How does it work and do I notice any difference? Well I took off the fuel pump out every few thousand miles to have a look at the filters. After my first 6000 miles, the sock filter looked like new (other than a slight color change to the nature of fuel). After another 4000, still the same. I surely am not worried about clogging the filters like I did after my first 4000 miles (on California gas). Every time you switch off the ignition, within seconds, the fuel pump reverses the flow for a few seconds.

I have pix of the installation. I'll upload them to the server and post the links here.
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