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Originally Posted by Budman View Post
They replaced the valve valve cover gasket as well. That I understand.
Could the wearing of these parts have caused the increased burning of oil? Dealer told her it was very odd to have to replace the small spheres and semi spheres.
The items replaced are shims used to adjust the valve clearance. On most bikes they're a flat disc. BMW cam-heads use a fairly unique configuration where they're (all) semi-spheres. The valve cover gaskets are meant to be re-used so should not need to be replaced every time the cover is removed.

It seems most of the cam-head engines are going 20 k or more without valve adjustment, so it is unusual that so many shims would need changed at 6K. No need to be concerned unless several need replaced at the next service interval.

If the bike is burning oil it is a common condition on the newer boxer motors and not related to valve adjustment. The rings and cylinders are so hard that they may not bed in until well over 20K when the oil consumption decreases. There are tons of threads all over the internet about it. Google "BMW boxer oil consumption." The up side is that due to this hardness these engines can go a couple hundred thousand miles and not need the rings replaced.

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