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nice find and great price
I got mine I think $900 cant remember

look at for most of the parts
then check e bay and compare prices
I get 99% of my parts from dratv but sometimes the shipping is too high for single orders

points are fun bikes
at least they are emp proof

luckily both bike I have that are points work great although I changed all the parts on my ct90
left the passport alone

but if the timing is off it will lack power so if you can handle it just throw a timing light on it and check

there are issues with the electric start not working all the time, the relay
there is a guy on a yahoo forum that sell a easy to install relay
even though you can find new china relays I guess its a wiring problem in the bike or something so the kit this guy sells bypasses something
I dont know all I know is it works all the time now
check tank for rust, and check carb
I had good luck with a new carb from dratv ran much better
think thats the only engine part I replaced everything else is stock
oh I did add one tooth larger counter sprocket

here is mine

when I got it
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