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Originally Posted by ~TABASCO~ View Post

May I ask, why don't you just hold the start button down one time until it starts... I notice you hit the button about ten times but it doesn't even sound as if the crank is making one revolution ?
You may

See the link at the bottom of that post. I spent a day trying to figure out how to induce a hard start by going through all the popular theories on the interwebs. You should watch all three video's. It's just that I never had the problem and there is not much point speculating about it until it can be reliably re-produced. Once that happens then you can work on reliably fixing the condition. So now I know what to watch for and what to do if it happens.

Originally Posted by ~TABASCO~ View Post
It would seem to me that there is obviously a prime 'squirt' when someone turns the key on.
Nope there isn't I don't think. I can turn that key as many times as I like and it has no effect. See video 1.

Originally Posted by ~TABASCO~ View Post
I would also think that the injector pulse is probably a bit longer the first few revolutions, and probably has a "fueling sequence" as in 'pulse and duration' each time someone touches the starter button.....

With that being said, is it possible that these hard starting situation could be because of a semi-fuel injected flooding scenario ?

With that being said, is it possible that these hard starting situation could be because of a semi-fuel injected flooding scenario ? If the bike gets the first prime, and then goes into its normal "starting fuel sequence" and doesn't start, the natural thing is to try again......... But that is just adding more and more fuel.....

I found out last year working with the PCV & AT that the Tenere has a cold start software package in the ECM.. It goes though a different starting / worm up procedure when cold VS when its worm... We could see this on the AT maps when I thought I was seeing something strange last winter.... There is defiantly a different fuel map "sequence" Etc in the cold VS wormer weather.. And its not just when the bike starts but runs a whole different fuel map. This is not added or aftermarket, this is stock. I'm sure its adding more fuel. But what we don't know is on start up it could be really extending the fuel duration or phasing. And also it could be resetting it self each time we hit the start button or turn the key on or off.. Try it, I bet you will smell lots of raw fuel in the muffler.

So, to recap, if its cold, and people hit the started several times I have a feeling, or my thoughts are this seems to be more of an 'over fueling' on start up sequence. It seems the only way to trick the computer is to quite possibly hold the throttle open to turn this fuel off. *** also, when you hold the throttle open you are NOT holding the butter flies open on the throttle bodies..*** These are all computer controlled by the ECM.. This is not cable operated. IMOP, This is a software issue, not a hardware problem. The old days you would be holding open the butter fly and alow in a ton of air to off set the extra fuel, more times than not it would fire up. On this bike its software and sensors, not cables and parts, per-se. We are not in control of this motor, the ECM is... Our riding experiance is a relationship with sensors and software.

These are just a few thoughts I had and wanted to throw on the table to try and help the crowd..... On my bike I touch the starter for less than one second and she has always just fired right up on a dime....
Pretty well sums it up.

Anyway go and watch the three viseo's. It should validate what you said. I pretty much agree. The best thing about videos is you can watch them over and over and notice things you missed, like when the headlight actually comes on.
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