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Originally Posted by ROD CURRIE View Post
GS. I've kept quiet for all the mocking and abuse but Politician's an insult too far. How dare you, Sir! The very thought.

I'm a Programme team had just installed an IT network into the Treasury and George (who lives next door and for the benefit of the Colonials amongst us is the national bean counter) couldn't connect-so we had to instal there too. There's a school of thought that it wouldn't have made any feckin' difference but who am I to comment...
We should maybe just given the pillock a multi coloured plastic kiddie-keyboard and told him it was connected up.

We needed to send one of my Project Manager team over with some techies to have a look and I thought.." If anyone's going to number 10 it's me"...after all, when will this small town Jock without a qualification to his name ever get through the door again.
As we approached the door there was a guy polishing it, and he saw us coming and slammed the door. "Charming" I thought, but then realised he'd done it as like every other drongo who enters, he knew I wanted a pic in front of That Door.

Politicians are always filmed walking towards the door with that "I'm on business of the Nation" walk so I thought feck it...I'll have some of that too!

Sorry its a bit grainy but my techie taking the pic was pissing himself as a copper with a submachine gun was giving me the daggers.
DC was out.

I see you've exchanged the glaring pate for blur.

We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.
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