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Ok, back in action. I got mega sick on Wednesday night, and laid around all day Thursday recovering, so out the door goes my schedule!

Anyways, today I got up long enough to get some work done. First thing first, lets get the new windscreen out of the splash. This involves the use of wedges, and a mallet if things are really stuck

Pops right out, next up we take it over to the band saw to cut off the excess.

Next up, sanding! Just hand sanding to remove loose fibers and prep the surface. I am not worried about removing the tape lines or anything at this point, that will come during the next step.

Now that it is all cleaned up, it is time to start modifying the part to to what I envision, so that we can make an actual mold off it. I broke out the Bondo to begin work, only to discover that it had all dried up, doh! So, I called it a day, still not feeling great.
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