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Jana and i had hoped to celebrate our birthdays toghter. Mine is on February 6th and hers is on the 7th. She wants to have a party, that starts on my birthday and ends on hers. I like the way she thinks but sadly I don't think it will happen. It looks like tomorrow is the last day we will spend together. They are going on a four day hike to Macchu Picchu. That's something I won't be doing. 50 steps at this elevation is enough for me. I felt quite sick this morning. This altitude stuff sucks. Jana is quite stuffed up and feeling sick too and she may have to cancel the hike. I guess we'll know better tomorrow.

My bike is a parking that is locked up on Sunday so they leave on their hike on Sunday and I will just chill here until Monday then leave for Puno. There are a couple other guys I met in Cartagena who will likely be there too. Then I think my plan is to ride around Bolivia via Chile. Then head for Buenos Aries. I have about 3700 kms to go, not counting detours to see things. I can see the end approaching.

By the time my Birthday comes I will likely be in Argentina and Jana and co. only plan to be in La Paz. They say thats a 10 hour bus ride from here, I haven't checked my maps, but if that's the case I can't see hanging around here for another several days or even doing Punos and trying to kill time to make the party happen. I don't want to disappoint Jana but I need a plan.

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