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Originally Posted by lmcanje View Post
Long time lurker, or longish anyway.
I have to say that I appreciate your honesty with your report, the good and the less good.
I am glad you are feeling better about this epic trip you have embarked on. It something I would love to do but I don't think my "plumbing" could handle the food so well.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that there are probably a ton of people like me riding your report, imagining or wishing that they are with you.
I'm really glad to have you following along. The food kills me. Again tonight, another restarant another less than appetizing meal. I went where the kids wanted to go, they seem to tolerate it. Malene says she loves the food. I don't get it. She had spinach soup. I had a chicken breast, cooked to death, french fries that looked like the spuds had an issue and they were stone cold. Oh my.

When Niko and I played chess today we were at Norton's pub. We ordered their burgers. YUM! It was really good. Real ground beef, cooked, hot, on a nice bun. Wonderful! I'll have another one of them before I leave Cusco. OMG it was so nice to have something good to eat.

Speaking of plumbing, hostals down here in many cases don't provide toilet paper. many don't have toilet seats for that matter. Lawrence was saying his hostal is the same as mine, no TP. The stores all sell it so you have to bring your own. I say build it in you price. I find that very strange but that's the way it is. BTW you can't flush any paper. It goes in a little trash bin beside the flush.

So this morning Lawrence has to go. There is no TP, he doesn't have any, he goes to the front desk, they sell it, 1 Sole, like 30 cents. It just so happened he didn't have one sole on him at the time. He begged for credit, they relented.

I'm just thinking maybe I should have separated the dinner description and the TP post but, What the hell.
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