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Cat, that video was cool, but if may be considered a 'snuff' video if there was a tank crew in it. I know I've posted a video of a motorcyclist who hit a truck, but I was reprimanded for it since they said it was a snuff video (there was every change the guy lived, and it was in some 3rd world country, so I'm not sure how they verified the guy died, but...) There is another modern video out that definitely has a crew dying in it, so I won't embed the video, but it can be found at YouTube's /watch?v=cluLF5zz2qw&noredirect=1


My SU-122-44's




Not even a 'good' crew. Two have semi-perks, the top two have no perks at all, and aren't 100%... I guess me having a driver at 100%, and with about 1/3'rd of the Clutch Braking perk, made all the difference.

Damage, you ask? Keep in mind this is a tier 7 tank, not a tier 8.

No Gold rounds were used during the making of this film. But I was on my last regular round of ammo, and would have had to use Gold next. 3 rounds left:

Down to the last round, but my kill was made.

And here is the 122-44 down at the bottom with the questionable tanks that no-one likes to admit they played, or played poorly:

"After reading through this thread I've come to the conclusion
that more people cruise the internet looking for reasons why
X bike won't work in Y scenario rather than actually riding
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