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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
I'm not sure it plays like a T-28 TD. I've never owned one (I did, however, own a T-28 Prototype) but T-28's seem super slow, where-as this is a rocket ship. I know I hit over 40 kph on the flats, and am not sure what its top speeds are on flats or down hills. Also, the gun is inaccurate, so being slow and sitting back and sniping won't work with this TD... this TD is meant to be in their faces. Which, considering it has a low armor amount and no turret, requires that it gets put into dangerous situations far more often. I guess that's the balance - a good platform for its tier, but one in which the player has to possibly die early.

Thanks for the compliment on the good game - I'm sure I just got lucky.

The hit log, I believe, is a function of the XVM. I think it was Jason who helped me the hits to start showing, and to move it to that position. I like it now, but I really don't use that info throughout the battle.

And I have no clue what the dela is with the numbers going over each other, but I have a feeling it is due to Jimbo's reticule mod or XVM clashing with the most recent patch's numbers. It doesn't bother me since I don't use that info either. For my account, before those numbers started overlapping, nothing up there ever seemed to indicate I was incurring lag when I was actually incurring lag.
For some reason I though you had the non turreted version as well, and I did not realize the gun was that in-accurate on those, it always seemes that I am getting hit by them from a long ways away.
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