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Originally Posted by Big Bird 928 View Post
First, Dang good game, I am not really surprised as it probably plays alot like the T-28 TD. I am really surprised the Churchill lived, and did decently well for being out tiered.

What is the hit log you have in the upper right?

Also, have you figured out what the issue is with the stack of numers next to your lag smiley face? I have the same thing going on and it annoyes the hell out of me.
The stacked numbers are overlapping clocks from 2 different mods. I forget which ones and can't look right now because I'm still at work (and have been for 16 hours ), but remind me next time you catch me in teamspeak. There's a certain file that you'll need to remove from the res_mods/gui/flash folder and then everything will be good to go.
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