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I cant see the vid as I am at work but will later.

First off, I hope you told you HOA to fuck off.

Growing up my dad wasnt real handy. He did pretty well with deck and fence building, but his projects also lead to some pretty hilarious injuries

Most of my knowledge in fixing stuff is from my own experience. I like to know how things work, and don't mind having a go at it. Last week I diagnosed and repaired a bad inducer wheel on my furnace - not rocket surgery, mind you, but that little problem would send many people to their hvac guy for $400.

Always figured I can screw up a project 3 times and still save money over a pro doing it.

So, I havent found anything I can't do. Just some things less well. Remodeling (demo, build walls, plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring), wrenching on the cars or 4 bikes....there is always an opportunity to pick something up.

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