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I still want one.
One of these (early Subaru 4WD wagon) was the center of what could have been the greatest Subaru ad in history, if someone had a camera.

In February '78 I had what passed as one of the best "ski cars" available - a 1969 SAAB 96 V4 with the new-fangled Blizzak snow tires. With two buddies going to a house off Black Mountain Road in Jackson, NH - a notoriously steep and difficult stretch. There was a lot of fresh snow and a car ahead of us didn't have snows and couldn't make the grade. We had to stop and lost all momentum, and also had to back down the hill for a fresh start.

The car behind us was a Subaru wagon. A 78 Subaru wagon was tiny - about the length of a Mini - but had optional 4WD and did not have manually locking/unlocking hubs like most 4WD vehicles of the day. they were also cheap and did got decent mileage, an important fact after the gas supply problems at the time.

There was a young mom behind us and she rolled down her window as we backed down and asked "Why are you backing down?"
"Because we can't make the hill without a running start."
"But I have 4WD"
"Go for it."

She was a little nervous starting out on a steep, snow covered slope with three young men staring at her. So she stalled the motor.

Now she was really nervous.. So she restarted the engine, revved the piss out of it (all 67 hp) and popped the clutch. And each wheel spun about a half turn, and she disappeared up the hill.

We looked at each other and said "Wow." And over the next few years Subarus replaced all those SAAB 96's. You don't seem many of either these days - the tin worm was not kind.
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