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hi kedgi...

i really enjoy read your rr... about the altitude you can try the coca tea, 'Te de coca' in spanish, i was in Cusco in few years ago and the tea worked very well for me...

in Bolivia the food is worst, when i was in there i just eat pizza, but when you arrives in argentina and chile the level of food will increase a lot... in argentina you can try the beef of one of the better meat in SA...

i'll be on de road to cusco in march and after i'll go down to san pedro de atacama on chile... who knows we meet our paths...and if you came to Brazil...we'll be with the doors open for you here and will be a pleasure help you on your pass through this country...

i hope you continue enjoying your travel and don't be sad because the more interesting in this type of journey is the differences between the people and culture.....


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