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Originally Posted by Nailhead View Post
What fun is that?

No chainsaw, no forest outings...and no heat during power outages.
The "latest thing" for my friends who heat with pellet stoves is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Some just buy a new one and get on with it - pellet stoves seem to have pretty modest requirements so you don't need a very big one., But one of the guys on NASIOC who works at home a lot :bought a large older UPS from a data center for a few hundred bucks, then replaced the batteries for another few hundred bucks. So he can run modest daytime loads for 4-8 hours before he even gets out the generator. He likes this setup because the switch over is automatic and will also run his sump pump (much higher load than a pellet stove). He has a portable generator (Honda 2000i) and only has to use it when there's an extended outage. His dream is to add solar panels to charge up the UPS, don't know how feasible that is.

OT but I learned in passing that the city of Fairbanks, AK has a UPS that can run the city for up to 15 minutes, giving them time to switch over to a backup power system.
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