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One of the riders that crossed on the Stahratte trip I was supposed to have been on is here in Cusco. He had some issues with his bike earlier this month that delayed him quite a while in Cali, Colombia.

Now he's had a crash while riding in the sacred valley near here. he's OK, some scrapes and bruises is all, but when he tried to restart the bike, the engine has issues. He may have to truck it to BMW Lima.

I have offered assistance, such as I can offer. I told him about Alex Luna at Peru Moto Tours, that I happen to know about thanks to Poolman's excellent advice.

Fred has another contact, Jefferson through Norton's. People Fred knows in Cali. they say he can find Jefferson at Norton's and that Jefferson is a good guy that should be able to help.

I have offered to buy Fred a coffee at Starbucks this morning and I've offered to meet him and introduce him to my backpacker friends at Nortons this afternoon. We are all getting together there at 2pm

I have plans to leave here Monday for Lake Titicaca. I have figured out where I can ride and spend a few days and still meet Jana in La Paz for our birthdays. What I can't figure out is how to make my birthday my 19th like hers.

I am beginning to acclimatize to the elevation. I had a pretty good sleep last night and feel much better. Not 100% but much better. This high elevation can really kick your butt.

I have some picture to post asap

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