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Hey Dwight,
I have to confess that I stopped following your RR back in October when you posted about your troubles with your GPS and I-84 with trucks whizzing by and your bike conking out, etc. I told myself there is no frickin' way this guy is gonna make it to Texas, never mind SA.
I checked back in a few weeks ago, where I left off, and holy crap! You're doing great! I'm all caught up now and I'm loving your RR. Your honesty and candor is refreshing. Please keep going and reporting. I'm with you for the duration. If you ride through this area on your way home, let me know. Burgers or steak (and beer) on me.
I think it was Eddyturn that brought up a point that I've been wondering about: are you drinking enough water or juice on this trip? I'm not a doctor, but I believe loss of appetite is one of the symptoms of dehydration. This brings up one of the four main obstacles to a trip like this for me; I consume a lot of water and I would worry about availability of pure water in some of the countries you have been through. The other three are $, time, and No Habla Espanol.
I have to say that you have a big set of brass _____ doing what you're doing. Ride safe and keep up the good work!

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