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Happens to all of us some of the time, but situational awareness that I'd have to pop out into a commonly fought-over and garrisoned area, or prior map knowledge having seen what lies ahead, helps to avoid doing that too often. Getting perma-tracked often means I'm doing something wrong.

This sort of all goes back to what I wrote some very experienced players (experienced and high win rates - not 21k games and a 50% average, lol) were telling me they do in the cities: "Do not peek." If you can let them come over and peek for you, that's a good start.

I love the rare occasion where they start to peek, and a quick shot on my part tracks them, damages them, and has their turret still far enough back behind a wall or building that they can't hit me (or can only track me, which seems more common).

I was having a real tough time with this as we overcame their lead half-way through that battle in my SU-122-44. Once enough enemies die, the remaining ones aren't generally wanting to do the peeking, so working a non-turreted TD around building corners enough to shoot, but hopefully avoid taking damage (which wasn't working so well for me, but I think the Tiger P did bounce one shot that I didn't on him), is a tough order indeed.
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