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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Ruben says he doesn't have a [KTM] contract for Dakar 2014 - so could this be a thinly veiled pitch to team up with Helder next year? - two top riders from Portugal on the same team? - that should help bring in the escudos!!! (sorry, Euros now...)

Well, it is still euros . Our economy is on the floor for ever and we risk getting kicked out of the euro. I wouldn't count on any significant sponsorship for a Dakar team.

I don't give much about national pride, but the point about nationality is a big one. If you are lucky enough to have a passport from a strong economic power I guess it makes it easier to find a sponsorship. If you're portuguese you represent a bankrupt economy of 10 million people, period. The fact that pilots like Ruben Faria, Helder Rodrigues and Paulo Gonçalves manage to find means to consistently place in the top 10 of Dakar speaks volumes about their value as pilots and about their determination. to them.


Following this thread was an epic challenge for me this year. I was offline during the day and read every post every evening, starting usually more than 100 pages behind! I missed being able to follow the stages live, the best I could manage was a peek at Mischa's monitor on the iphone at lunch time (thank you thank you thank you, Mischa!). But I had a lot of fun reading everything later on, imagining the excitment live. Lots of great humour on the thread, thank you everyone for your contributions on that front as well as on the great info presented. It is great to share this passion with people from everywhere around the globe! I'll see you around at the Bivouac!
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