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AND for what it's worth, BMW does offer chrome valve covers for this cam head motor.... Haven't seen a set on a newer bike yet but curious to see it.

You know it's the middle of winter when a 5 year old thread is getting dug up.

My take on why BMW didn't keep making the R1200C? ***while the US market is made up of roughly 50% cruisers, it's only about 12-15% percent of BMW Motorrad's market share which makes the US a tertiary market to them. Shocked? Don't be. Why would you make a model just for us when the rest of the global market wants something else. You have to make what sells. It's the same reason they won't bother importing the K1300R, they didn't sell enough of the K1200R from 06-08 to make it worth importing. Also keep in mind the US market holds a much thinner margin for BMW Motorrad...they trim the prices for us so they can better compete against the more strongly rooted Japanese brands that have more product and have been here longer. My first ride as a 14 year old kid was on a Honda just for example.

That being said, I see R1200C's fetching 2 and 3 times more than NADA values already. With the popularity of the Diavel for Ducati now, I wouldn't be surprised to see BMW bring something out along those lines now, the muscle cruiser may become a stronger play now than what it used to be. I hope so.

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I would not buy a chrome head because the fat front tire

I tell the v twin guys its a 180* Vee, They look puzzled for a minute.

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