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I would say that the real adventure started today. Woke up, got the worst coffee in the world, and snuck the bikes out of the hotel room. Got on the road and out of Ensenada at a reasonable hour. We “planned” to ride to San Felipe and change my tires out for some good off-road riding down the Sea of Cortez coastline.

Well…..I made an attempt to use my GPS unit and typed in “San Felipe”….hit “Go To”….it dropped a purple line to follow and we started blindly following it. After about an hour of riding and staring at the sun and thinking it is in the wrong place, I zoomed out and my GPS is taking us to a San Felipe in the center of the Baja…..not on the coastline! Too late now, let’s pound pavement until we hit a decent town. Problem was, the next “decent” town was 350 miles away…..Guerro Negro.

We did take a couple pit stops for a little off-roading.

90% of this 350 miles was through desolate desert. Granted, there were 20 mile sections through snaking curves that were amazing. As far as scenery goes I couldn’t believe the plateau rock formations, variety of cacti, sand to boulders back to sand……it was quite impressive.

Alex is already nervous about his fuel supply and after 130 miles he hits reserve and is borderline frantic. A few miles later we run up on a hut with the good ‘ol “Gasolina” sign. The gas was straight RED. But it seemed to burn just fine in the dizzers.

See...the gas is RED.

Shortly after we see a semi-truck on the side of the road a slow just a little and then all of a sudden Alex picks up the pace by about 15 mph. "Slow down dude"......."did you see that?"......"what, the semi?"....."no dude there was a skeleton of a human on the side of the road right behind the semi"....."nope I missed that". At first I kind of questioned this but I know Alex is a smart guy and he's not too jumpy and now he wants to cruise at an excessive speed. Well, due to the events that occured the following day and do not doubt that it was a skeleton.

At about 4:30 we started getting nervous….the sun was disappearing. We rolled into Guerro Negro at about 6:30 in the pitch black. First hotel wanted $50 and parking didn’t look too good so we dove deeper into town. After a stroll through sketchyville we landed a good place with restaurant and bar….can’t recall the name but the whole palce was based on tourism for the whale watching in Scammon’s Lagoon that Aunt Betty told us about!
We were beat, almost fell asleep at dinner, drank a couple Sol clamato’s and crashed out hard.
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