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Originally Posted by avc8130 View Post
I'm surprised they had such issues. The forks are very standard internals, just longer than most sport bike.

The "Diamond Like Carbon" will look awesome. You'll have to take very accurate set of static sag measurements to see if they really do result in less stiction.

I think I'm repeating Jaxon, (heard it somewhere) but as you say avc8130, they are looooonger. And I think the assumption by Ohlins USA was they would be able to take a rod in inventory and cut it down and rethread it for this bike. But nothing was long enough, thus requiring Ohlins Europe to make them up. Also, something about the caps. Again, nothing in inventory could be used.

As for DLC coating, i supposed their is SOME truth to the claims, but my goodness, I can't imagine that I could remotely feel it in my seat of the pants. This is no ultra light road racer leaned over on billiard flat racetrack. :) It's a big fat beast with a big fat old man and his tiny little wife (i'm not stupid) running down gravel roads looking for a good place for mexican food.

But I want it. Cuz it's something to show the GS dudes. :)
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