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Originally Posted by astroguy View Post
Well that rod on the back of the bike would be a fantastic conversation starter! Plus I'm sure that you feel a rather closer relationship to it as compared to the rest of your tool set : )
Regarding the 88 swings.....I used to work in radiology in hospitals many years ago and we'd often be called in to the OR for many ortho procedures.....and I can tell you you'd be shocked at how much your body and leg were being abused to get that beast out. I was always amazed at how well people just heal right up afterwards considering the surgical procedure. Bones do require tools like 'slide hammers'.

As far as the man with non union femur, even bone grafts can be employed. Hoping you some better luck.

I had no idea how they were planning to remove the thing before surgery. I'd been told that large-scale ortho work had more in common with carpentry than medicine, but didn't really believe it until afterwards. My wife noticed some really strange bruising on my right thigh a few days post-procedure. She commented that it almost looked like hand prints. Turns out it was where the other surgeon was holding onto me while the slide hammer was being used.

The rod is a good conversation starter.
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