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Originally Posted by daveoneshot View Post
Yo, Kai Ju,any chance of a picture of your M/C banjo lines ?? I would like to do the same brake mod to my R 100/7 and could use some more education ....sources for the fittings, and any special tweaks I should know, thanks, Dave.

Here you go. Be aware that the banjo bolt setup needs to have a flat surface on the master cylinder to seal. I did mine with a file. I crammed a short rubber plug into the hole and then used a file to level out the seal surface on the master cylinder. I verified it's flatness and squareness by using a thick spacer over a 10x1 mm bolt. I screwed it in the hole and then checked for airgap with the spacer seated on the master cylinder. Hasn't leaked, ever.
Also, left and right caliper may look the same, but they are not. I bought a left caliper thinking it would be a straight install.
The bleed nipple hole is opposite and it's machining is different from the hole for the compression fitting on the brake line.
I was able to use a drill bit resharpened to match the angle of the bleed nipple seat surface and centered it in the hole with a bushing while I hand reamed the seat for the bleed nipple, sorry no pics of that process.

Banjo bolt set up and hose routing

Master Cylinder seal surface before filing


Caliper installed

The brake hose was made for me by a local shop, while I waited
He may still have the specs, cost was about $80.00 for the hoses, fittings and the rubber grommet for the brake hose in the stock guide.
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