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I just read this whole post. It looks like the G-Midland might be my next boot. I bought the G-Adventure last year. And after breaking in, they are to soft and wimpy for me.. I really enjoy standing on the pegs on road and off road. There are days I might stand a good part of 4-5-6-7 hours.... The G-Adventure is to flexy and not supportive enough for standing that long.... I have considered the SG-10 but its not "water proof" from everything Ive read, and I dont want to keep up with any gore-tex socks...... For the guys that own the G-midland, what are your thoughts on comfort standing on the pegs for extended periods of time... ?

The only walking I do in my 'ADV' boots is to get gas, and walk across the street to a restaurant or something similar. I do ride around the country on the ADV bike and try and find as much off road as possible..

For the posters on this post, here is my question.. These are the boots im considering now and need something with a stiffer sole for all day ADV riding..

1) G-midland
2) SG-10 (not water proof, and maybe to stiff for all day high-way use ? )
3) SIDI adventure

Could you please give me your suggestion... Thanks
We are ADV, everyday.
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