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I have owned two Taurus revolvers, I still have one.

The .44 Mag Taurus I owned had the best trigger action of any revolver I have ever shot, and I have shot most brands, Colt, S&W, etc.

The .357 Mag I currently own is okay, but it came from the factory with less than 0.001" cylinder/barrel gap. This meant that after fifty shots the cylinder locked up because of powder residue. From what I have read this kind of QA error is typical of Taurus handguns; they make a decent to good design, they use quality materials, but sometimes they let some problems through - including a number of people reporting cylinder gaps being too small.

They have a lifetime warranty, but my opinion is that when I wanted a revolver for personal defense, I went to a S&W (my 329PD) - I felt the quality was better. Also, since this is a .44 Mag, I wanted something that would shoot the heavier bear loads with a longer COL - which all of the lightweight titanium Taurus revolvers could not handle because the cylinder wasn't long enough.

Beyond that, I am not a fan of the .410 for self-defense.
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