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Originally Posted by SoilSampleDave View Post
Do they do emissions testing on bikes in NJ? I have never lived anywhere they tested bikes, just cars. If they don't, and you are still concerned about it, just leave your man card at the door!!!
Of course it wouldn't be smog legal, KTM doesn't choke them down for the heck of it.
Hey guys and fellow riders of NJ. NJ has a self inspection on motorcycles. Anything you own that has a tag can be driven or ridden. I have seen YZ 250's with NJ Plates on them driving right down the street. You technically are legal but if you get pulled over they will write you tickets for no horn, brake light, etc. Blinkers are not needs because you can use your arms. Just get a plate and ride any bike... after riding in the woods/dirt roads in nj I have never been pulled over within 8 years. As long as you are not racing down the street on a quad with no helmet on you will be fine. Just throw the police or state ranger a generous wave and keep on moving.
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