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Originally Posted by mtntrails View Post
Looking at the specs for the Husky TE449, it has been upgraded to a 6-speed tranny, but all 4 valves are titanium which does not bode well for general longevity or reasonable adjustment intervals if the bike is going to ridden as a lightweight ADV tourer. I could not find specs for oil capacity. Given the TE449's "hard enduro" mission, I'm guessing less than 1.5 qts.

I look forward to seeing the specs for the CCM - there's certainly a lot of potential there.
The TE/TXC 449/511 6 speed transmission has a narrower gear spread (2.286 - 0.917, 2.49 spread) then the 5 speed transmission (2.46 - 0.88, 2.80 spread) in the BMW G450X. Compared to say a TE 610/630 with ratios from 2.615 - 0.769 and a spread of 3.40 neither is really what I would consider "wide ratio". There is a reason I have a TE 630 for a "dual purpose" bike and a TXC 449 that is marginally street legal where I live as a "dirt bike with plates"...

TE/TXC 449/511 has a 1.15L oil capacity with a filter change so ~1.2 quarts if my conversion works out.
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