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Originally Posted by Pablo83
Houston, we have a problem...

So I went to PMI in Pueblo yesterday and found a great track to ride the GR on. Then I decided to push it down some more technical stuff. I came across an unexpected ditch where I could either hit the brakes hard, and probably have an ungraceful crash, or gas it and jump the ditch. I made the logical choice and when I landed the jump I bent both foot pegs, tore off one of the peg rubbers, and punched a hole in the oil pan. What are the chances that eBay has an oil pan?
I finally got around to building a skid plate.

I welded some nut to the back of a few tabs which then got welded to the frame as skid plate mounts

I wanted it for the ice races this Sunday so I didn't have time to order 5052. I had to build it out of 6061 diamond plate because that was available locally


It took me about 5 hours to make. It protects the bottom and left side of the engine because that is where I have had issues when dropping the bike.

I'll try and post some pics of it installed some time.
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