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Originally Posted by WVhillbilly View Post

Hmm, manufacturer doesn't have the parts to modify the gun?
Doesn't surprise me. I work for one of the big car manufacturers in the world (no names as all that ever causes is a giant pissing match). We can't get production parts a lot of times. Custom parts? that is a joke. Go in the back room with some epoxy, duct tape and bailing wire. After all that and show a severe need we might get a little help and get a crappy custom part made. I am not surprised at all when a company doesn't have custom parts in stock. they were proably getting frustrated as there supplier and finally shipped the gun back to you instead of waiting for a part that a supplier may never deliver.

About 5 years ago is when inventory of products and parts went away. Can't spend money to let it sit on a shelf as inventory in hopes someone will someday buy it. Now manufacturing has gone to make it when ordered. Springs are not something that a gun manufacturer usually makes, they buy them from a spring supplier, who get wire from a wire supplier, who gets there metal from a foundery. If anything in the supply chain goes bad everything stops. Then you need enough volume demand to justify bringing the supply chain back up to speed. Generally it is more of a global problem.
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